Your reputation is excellent in this part of CT. We were impressed with the construction quality and the quality of the service - from the sales team to the delivery. I know your delivery team was impressive because the dog barked only once!

The building is everything we hoped for and we appreciate the value you added to our home.
Rich and Kathy Brophy


Great price, great look, great service- I was a please working with you. We love the maintenance free materials!

Susan Radway, Ed.D.
Executive Director, The Riverfront Children's Center, Inc


Dear Carefree folks, We'd been very happy with an 8' x 12' saltbox shed we'd bought from you in 1998 or so, but because of an addition to our house, we wanted a larger shed in a slightly different location. We looked around at several available pre-fab sheds, but none were constructed with the quality of yours. In fact, as good as our old Carefree shed was, the new 10' x 12' Cottage we chose was a step up in both size and construction quality.

The shed was delivered 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I'm ashamed to say I don't remember the names of the two men who delivered it, but both were pleasant and very professional. Watching your specialized trailer off-load the shed was quite entertaining!
Sincerely, John & Stacy Stahl


My wife and I had bought a shed and gazebo about twenty years ago from Carefree and were very happy with both units. When we had a need for a new shed, we looked around and determined that quality versus price was the only way to go. We found that the materials, construction, and style of the Carefree line of sheds was the best choice for the money.

We have been satisfied every time that we have conducted business with Carefree and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for small buildings and outdoor structures. They provide an excellent product, conduct business with a caring attitude and ensure satisfaction with every step of the process.

Thanks for a job well done, The Davis Family


I chose a Carefree shed because of the construction. Having a dealer on the Berlin Tpke was also handy since I live in New Britain. From info to sales to delivery, every one and everything was great, I wouldn’t change a thing, thank you all!

Dean Swanson


I am very please with my new shed. It was built on-site and the guys did a great job. I chose your product after researching and visiting other companies, including Home Depot and Lowes. The difference in quality was obvious and the price differential was not that big a deal. Well worth it. Overall, very pleased.

Thanks, Larry Jardine


Hello to everyone at Carefree Buildings in Colchester, CT! Ken and I are so grateful to you for the excellent service that we received from the beginning of our purchase (sales), to the middle (where the guys took the old one away), and to the end - when our new beautiful shed was delivered perfectly. Thank you! All the details and pricing and service were handled perfectly; we appreciate everyone so much. Sincerely,

Sue and Ken Paulsen


I chose Carefree because of their level of customer service and professionalism. They are honest and direct and easy to work with. This is my 3rd Carefree shed (only because of moving homes and leaving the other sheds) and I would never buy one anywhere else.

Michael Buck