In 1979, Carefree Small Buildings was started as a fledgling backyard business by brothers-in-law, Norm Gustafson and Renny Marvin. In 1993, to help with the day to day management of the fast growing company, Todd Gustafson and Brian Marvin, sons of Norm and Renny, were promoted to vice presidents. Today Carefree employs over thirty people and produces thousands of high quality storage buildings as well as a wide array of other outdoor items such as picnic tables, gazebos, swings, gliders and garages in Carefree's 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Colchester, CT. Factory tours are always welcome.

Most of Carefree's buildings are manufactured on a custom built basis, giving the customer their choice of roof styles, materials, colors, layout, and any other architectural details they desire. Carefree offers a multitude of roof styles and exterior sidings. Our customers can choose from six roof styles, seven exterior sidings, and a variety of different colors and options that can lead to literally thousands of possible combinations.

This tremendous flexibility in design is one of the things that Norm Gustafson attributes to Carefree's success. "Our customers are able to create exactly what they want. We don't offer 'cookie cutter' buildings that all look alike. Each one is as unique as the people who order it. We help create workshops, art studios, playhouses, pool cabanas, portable offices, garages as well as tool and utility buildings", explains Norm.

Carefree takes their customer oriented approach even farther. They will move your Carefree building or even take it back in trade. The buildings can be delivered fully assembled or built on site. "Customer convenience is the key", says Renny Marvin. "We do all we can for our customers. We even have four locations throughout Connecticut so our customers don't have to travel for hours to see our products", Renny adds.

This attitude of customer first doesn't end at the order. All the employees at Carefree take the same approach whether it's carefully checking the raw materials or properly positioning the completed building on delivery. The customer must be satisfied! Matt Gustafson, the third generation to join Carefree in 2016 as Sale Manager remarks, "Pleasing customers is very rewarding. We are all very proud of the quality products we produce and it shows. Many of our customers are so pleased that they send letters of thanks and recommend us to their neighbors and friends." "One of the reasons that our quality is so high and consistent", says Shop Forman, Kurt Eifler, "is our employees. Over half our work force has been with Carefree for over 20 years." Norm and Renny will be the first to admit that their family run business would have never succeeded without such dedicated employees and satisfied customers. Stop in soon and see for yourself.

Arial view of the Colchester Factory

Norm Gustafson(left) and Renny Marvin (right), the founder's of Carefree.