In order for your new storage building/gazebo to provide many years of trouble free service, a firm level base is required. We recommend that the base be at least 1' larger than the building on all four sides and that it is at least 3 inches deep. The base will be deeper in lower spots to insure that the surface is level. Follow these steps for professional looking results.

• Drive stakes into all 4 corners of the building site. To be sure that the base is square, measure diagonally in both directions and check that the measurements are equal.

• From the highest ground point, mark the first stake at least 3" up from the base (the ground). Tie the string to the 3" mark on the stake. Hang a line level (available at any hardware store) in the center of the string. Continue until the string is level around all four stakes.

• Fill the area with 3/4" crushed stone to the height of string lines, tamping down until it is very firm. Repeat this step until the entire site is level and compacted.

• Save a small amount of stone to use to support your access ramp.

• A border of pressure-treated 6x6's or retaining wall block will help keep the stone in place and create a neater appearance; however, it is not required.

Remember, flat does not necessarily mean level. If the base is not level than the building/gazebo will not be level and the doors may not function properly. Cinder blocks are not a substitute for a stone base. The blocks will settle in the soil and possibly tip, causing your building to go out of level.

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